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Success by applying right principles

May 6, 2012

I had read about Christensen work about ‘ How you will measure your life’? I really enjoyed the philosophical aspect on having purpose in life.As myself I like to read philosophical and psychological books to gain better understanding of human logic via behavior  also applying to understanding and solving problems in many different spheres of  human activities. Further, philosophical approach is basically distinguished from other ways of addressing such problems by its critical, generally systematic approach and its reliance on rational argument.

The main goal is to teach yourself how to use success secrets so you can achieve the success in life. As from the work of the Christensen assumption is, instead of telling someone what to think, better is to teach how to think.As I remember from my other modules Frederick Hertzberg is one of the great original thinkers in management and motivational theory.He is most famous for introducing job enrichment and the Motivator-hygiene theory.

This concept is very similar to the Maslow’s well-known hierarchy of needs. However, Herzberg he called the satisfiries motivators and the dissatisfiries hygiene factors. He stated that research proved that people will strive to achieve ‘hygiene’ needs because they are unhappy without them, but once satisfied the effect soon wears off – satisfaction is unstable. Nowadays, poorly managed organisations fail to understand that people are not ‘motivated’ by implementing ‘hygiene’ needs. People are only truly motivated by enabling them to reach for and satisfy the factors that Herzberg identified as real motivators, such as achievement, advancement, development, etc., which represent a far deeper level of meaning and fulfillment.As to conclude not just in the working environment but as well in today life that money is not a motivator in the way that the primary motivators are, such as achievement and recognition.



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