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Reflective Essay

May 6, 2012

And now is over..The module Entrepreneurship and New Venture Development has provided challenging prospect to not only improve my academic and practical business abilities, but also consider the critical success on my goals and personal development. The ENVD sessions were usually inspirational and analytically related.The benefits was created for us to be aware of daily business issues and how to have greater confidence  in a business. It is like a  development that is aimed in a certain reaction based on studies or research that has been done through all academic year.

During the very early first lecture,we concentrated on C.E.O. model of entrepreneurial activities.The aim of this aspect was to gain better understanding how does confidence, observation and experimentation come together to form innovation for entrepreneurship.Individually, I started to develop these skills by doing various activities within the group. By observing others we got task to identify their cognitive,emotional and physical needs in order to comprehend what is the problem and how to deal with it effectively.In any enterprise we should  keep in mind that any issue which has occurred,we need find better solution to achieve advantage in competitive environment. As well as we had ‘Toothbrush day’, which purpose of the toothbrush was to understand how we testing ideas and how to find inspiration by doing experiments and being observant. In this that case we discovered how gaining empathy and understanding for users can happen through changing the activity, observing and trying it for yourself, and that this can give you insights for being more innovative and attractive.

As I had referred those three main needs to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs model.This is a simple assumption to understand motivation, management values and personal development in organization.The aim of the model is to provide understanding for managers that must involve the responsibility for employees positive workplace environment which will encourage them fulfill their self actualization within entity.It simply coming from the fact, that to meet the success we need to understand what we want,how we feel about it and how we going to do it.There are other needs security,safety, social, esteem and self actualization which influence behavior of  employees to work. This is the basic feature of Maslow’s need hierarchy. Attention to all human needs is essential for motivation of employees.

Another step was how to make you pitch more demonstrative. In session was shown video called ‘The Girl Effect‘, which was great example of storytelling.Stories can inspire everything from understanding to action. Stories can inspire everything from understanding to action.They can create legends that integrate workplace culture can build upon, and they have the power to break down barriers and turn a bad situation into a good one.

Later on, I faced myself with work of Graham and Hamming, two individuals who has described how to overcome with good and bad procrastination to meet success significantly. When I have read the work of Graham I have understood that the question is not how to avoid procrastination, but how to procrastinate well.In such as manner my ‘to do’ list will contain most important stuff to have been done on time.On other hand Hamming was talking about how to manage good research and courage.These aspect really inspire to be in right position to always be confident and believe in yourself and your abilities.

Although another aspect was,  Diego Rodriguez’s 21 Innovation Principles, which really helped to construct my analytical thinking skills.As our group principle were 18 ‘ Learn to orbit the hairball’.The principle states that you not trying change organisational structure by your way but trying to work within existing firms scale.Usually nowadays when organisation clutter around with rules consistently we as individuals loosing our uniqueness in terms of inspiration.So, mainly the business success depends on our creativity,the more we are innovative and be able make changes adequately the more business will achieve.

As from the work of the Christensen assumption is, instead of telling someone what to think, better is to teach how to think. He try to teach us how to imply theoretical aspects into the business. Frederick Hezberg was one of the most famous for introducing job enrichment and Motivation-hygiene factors. The theory drawing a distinction between hygiene factors and motivators that exist in the work environment and consequently their impact on employees motivation.In my opinion this theory must be widely used by many organization that will help for managers to understand that management should not only provide hygiene factors to keep their employees satisfied but ensure that the presence of motivators to the job itself that keep employees motivated. By extending opportunities which requires challenging responsibility, management can fully employ the ability and intellect of the each employee.

I really enjoyed this module and I hope all tools which I have learned from the sessions will stay with me for the rest of my life.

P.S Many thanks for our lecturer Corrine for the effort that she has put and for the hard work with us!


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