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It’s never to late

May 6, 2012

It’s maybe a bit late to start all blogs from beginning of the semester 2, but better is lat then never:) So let’s start from the first lecture which started in February. By the end of the semester two I had already joined a group and our mission were put our ideas together and to create a business for this semester.During the holidays we all met up couple of times to discuss random ideas which everyone had in their heads.We had lots of ideas and tried figure out which one is the best by spending hours and hours.However, for this first lecture we had to prepare our business idea and present it in front of the class.  

    The first lecture of ENVD was really enjoyable and interesting. Each group had to present their ideas and it has created interest how other people think and what is the perception on specific perspectives of their idea. Our first idea was to generate as a UniTrade/SwapShop, it means we were creating the similar business approach like eBay/Amazon but within the universities. In abstraction it will be a simple appearance to meet up/swap/buy items without paying any fees for the delivery. But, after we had received feedback we recognized it wasn’t a great idea and it wouldn’t work. For all that, if you failed once,never give up,push yourself for the best. 

So we were pitching first our idea,after we just can listen to the other ideas in relaxed atmosphere. To be honest I didn’t like any of the ideas,because I can see there something really ingenious  it’s was just simply some development of already existing stuff. But the basic ideas were meaningful and maybe one day they will be in operation.Good luck for everyone;)

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