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Again in class assessment

May 6, 2012

As we have used to the routine, today lecture was again to prepare what we have done and should present it to the class to hear some feedback. It was interesting listen to other groups, and to hear from them how many effort they put in it,how they carry experiments,surveys and so on.

As usual for the presentation our group gone first.So, the most of our research came under 3 most important key activities:

  • We have contacted MailBox to evaluate their prices,services and timing.
  • Received email that Oliver (head of the faculty) get us permission to hand in efficiently other students assignment as well allow us rent the room to create our small office.
  •  Received email from the Back office,timetable when is all deadlines are located.
In this session, Corrine has explained for us what is required to include for business plan and what layout to follow.As we were following canvas online it helped us gain better understanding of each section to be confident what we are doing.We carry out lots of detailed research on our business such as cost of the equipment’s which we should buy,usage of paper,comparing prices with university printing services etc. To a degree we almost receive all information what we need,so soon we will put all section together.



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