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Peer Assessment

December 14, 2011

This lecture we had  task to mark each others feasibility study, with a second time peer feedback.  The intention of the activity was to take the feedback and to make it better for Bright Ideas Competition entry.

So, mainly there were two piles on the left and right sides of the room. Each student have chosen random  feasibility study and has marked by rating scale of 5. It was 4 rounds of feedback and the last round of marking was to summarize the totals and  divide it by 4. The last stage was to write it down on the front page and the average total was a grade. Personally, I received 16 points. After I collect my study I checked other people feedback on my idea. To be honest I was so pleased with rating and it helped me to gain better understanding do they really like my idea?is it worth it?..After I have reviewed my 4 feedback I recognize that my idea was apprehensive, to a degree mainly students state 3 and 4 out of 5. But not real judgement we can make at this point is to be considered many factors such as typical one simply’ I do not like this idea, so I will put just 2 points’ which is make difference on grading and individual perception. On other hand we marked our feasibility studies  more subjectively by following the format and layout of the grading framework. The framework helps to follow the rules and requirements in order to make clear and effective statements of your product or idea.

What I learn?

This session helped me to understand ‘value’ of my idea and what areas could be improved. The most important thing I have noticed that  we can not judge or mark  by our own perception,because we all are different, so doing the feedback by rating scale its easier to state how person relates his/her idea to the required context and from this stage we can express is it really well-defined conception.


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